Slovenia Rental Regulation: The Business Premise For Rental

24. julij. 2019
A business premise for rental occupation in Slovenia has its own pricing scheme and occupation rules. Two common strategies are used for properties in Slovenia. Some listings are priced for total monthly costs. Other listings are priced per square foot of the space.
Usually, rentals that are listed with square footage prices offer the renter limited space instead of having an entire facility. Commonly two or more businesses will reside in the same building, each occupying different areas of the office space. Business renters looking for property to host services from must be cautious to incorporate the different pricing schemes when considering the space they will need.

A Slovenia business premise for rental usually resides in an historic building and rarely leases out to a company in its entirety. Many buildings that host companies also have upper rooms that serve as apartments and other company facilities. Businesses must be careful about whom they rent from; whether they need privacy, or the ability to spread out, this is very important. In addition, knowing the rules of rental facilities in the country is critical.

Slovenia has two rental laws that must be considered. A landlord has the power in a contract. He or she may effectively charge any rate for the property being rented, and the landlord may terminate the contract with a one-month notice, at any time. This rule gives the tenants a disadvantage compared to landlords. To combat this advantage, the Tenancy Act of 1991 outlined renter’s rights. The courts in Slovenia are slow, but laws of engagement have significantly evened out lease agreements.
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