• Luxury property

    Contemporary, comfortable and with the utmost privacy. Welcome to an exclusive luxury real estate club that enrich even the most elaborate lifestyles. With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market, we offer you the most prestigious nooks and crannies as well as real estate gems that you will be proud to call home.







A dream home can become a reality. Take a look at our real estate portfolio for reference properties that reflect the luxury and prestige of your lifestyle.
Great neighborhoods, idyllic environment, privacy and perfect infrastructure for your everyday life. Step into the world of prestige and enjoy a home worthy of your presence. We have collected for you only first class real estate that you will fall in love with at first glance. Superior architectural surpluses are intertwined with the luxurious choice of contemporary interiors and quality durable materials. All this to create your little oasis of peace and comfort. Discover a home where every detail is thoughtful and set in a comprehensive story that reflects prestige. The prestige of your name, reputation, social status, and last but not least your belief system.


We value the privacy of our clients, both in terms of agency and sales. We cultivate the trust of quite a few reputable names, this is why a part of the luxury real estate offer is carefully guarded and presented to you individually, according to your specific wishes. The most hidden corners and the most prestigious possessions are part of an exclusive club that you can join. Discreetly, far from the eyes of the public and online catalogs. Contact our agents for an up-to-date private offer.


  • In the heart of the city

    Surrounded by rich history, with numerous architectural beauties boasting from day to day, choose a luxury just a step away from the playful hustle and bustle of the city. In a completely renovated iconic old town buildings or exclusive new luxury neighborhoods, find a home at the heart of business and social happenings. From business opportunities to conference venues and green spaces that blend seamlessly into urban infrastructure - the city center has everything you need for a comfortable life. Experience it in a relaxed rhythm of a small town that offers a break and welcome change to the great metropolises of the world.
  • Idyllic countryside

    With its picturesque landscape that stretches from Mediterranean winegrowing areas to Alpine authenticity and karstic region, Slovenia hides numerous corners that simply take your breath away. For anyone who wants to get away from the city hustle and bustle and find their fortune in the tranquil balance of natural scenery –modern luxury, surrounded by beautiful nature at the same time – your ideal home is waiting for you. Exceptional architectural pearls blend in perfectly with the surroundings and offer complete disconnection from everyday life with the most beautiful views. At the same time, many recreational, social and business opportunities are just a short drive away.
  • Seaside luxury

    The beautiful melody of uproarious waves and the light breeze in your hair will instantly lead you into an ecstasy of luxurious pleasure. There is nothing more reassuring than sitting on the patio with a glass of fine local wine in your hands and overlooking the magical sunset. Choose seaside enjoyment 365 days a year and create your own oasis of tranquility on luxury estates overlooking the vibrant seaside cliffs. Take advantage of the many sunny days to sail through the picturesque bays and seaside recreation, and recharge with the positive energy that the seaside air brings. At the same time, do not miss the attractive opportunities of the capital city, which is only an hour away.


Luxury is a very subjective measure. Some eyes light up on the vast natural estate, while others appreciate the proximity of specific infrastructure or business opportunities. That is why we want to get to know you and offer you a prestige tailored to your wishes. Get in touch with our agents who will happily delve into your specific requirements and give you even more options from our exclusive offer.


Experienced, professional and discreet. Our real estate agents will listen to your requirements and find a luxury home that supports your lifestyle and pursues the desire for prestige.



Detached - For sale

Savinjska / Braslovče

1000 m2

5 room - For sale

Ljubljana / Šiška

217,14 m2

Detached - For sale

Ljubljana / Vič Rudnik

751,4 m2
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