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A new set of apartments in the Celovški dvori will be available for sale from early January, the sale process will be expedited

BAMC expects that most of the apartments from the first set will be occupied by the end of the first sale stage, which will end by 29 November 2016. Any unsold apartments will primarily be offered to all bidders or buyers whose bids were not selected in the first stage of the sale process. In December 2016, BAMC will thus offer these interested parties 7 days to view the unsold apartments - BAMC will announce the exact time in due time. In the additional open-house period, non-selected buyers from the first stage will be given the exclusive right to submit binding bids on unsold apartments under the same conditions as before, and any existing deposits made will be taken into account.

The buyers who were unsuccessful in the first stage of the sale will be given priority in the purchase of apartments offered in the second stage of the sale, i.e. the 51 apartments located in the second wing of the complex. The sale process and open-house viewing period for this set are expected to take place between 15 January and 15 February 2017. If a situation should arise where multiple non-selected buyers might submit equal highest bids for a specific apartment in the second stage of the sale, their existing deposits will be considered as the earliest and best bids.

Due to increased demand and the fact that the buyers have taken note of the sale process, the open-house viewing period will be shortened from 45 to a maximum of 30 days for the new apartments. This will expedite the stages of the sale process and allow buyers to acquire the apartments sooner.
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