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Second phase of the sale of Celovški dvori apartments concluded successfully, all 51 apartments sold

The opening of the bids on 51 apartments available for sale in the second phase was done before a committee in the presence of a notary public. Based on the bids received, all apartment units offered for sale in this phase will be sold once again. All bidders are expected to be notified of the results before the end of this week.

The bidders participating in the 2nd sale phase who were unsuccessful will be given an advantage in the purchase of apartments offered for sale in the 3rd phase. If a situation should arise where multiple non-selected bidders have bid the same on a specific apartment in the third stage of the sale, their paid-in deposits will be considered in the third phase as the earliest deposits, and consequently their bids will be considered the most advantageous.
BAMC expects to put the largest and final set of apartment units in Celovški dvori on sale in April. 117 apartments will be offered for bidding in the third phase. 23 business premises are also being made ready for sale, with the pertaining parking spots.

The third phase of the sale of apartments will have an open-house viewing period, during which potential buyers will be invited to submit their bids. The asking prices in the third phase will also be attractive, and will be based on the current real estate market and experience from the first two phases of the sale process. The business premises will also be available at attractive prices. The business premises will be offered for sale unfinished, in the 3rd construction phase, allowing buyers a great deal of freedom in designing the interiors. The Celovški dvori complex has a total of 830 apartment units, of which 226 will be sold by BAMC. The Celovški dvori residential complex is thus becoming a lively neighborhood, which creates excellent opportunities for business.
BAMC is very happy with the outcome from the first and second phase of the process, since the bid prices offered by the buyers greatly exceeded the starting prices offered by BAMC. The second phase of the sale of Celovški dvori apartments once again confirmed that there is a great deal of interest in the residential complex, which will provide its residents with all the amenities for comfortable living.  

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