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Announcing the construction of energy-efficient housing project Villa Ekorna

A contemporary building with flat rooftop will encompass 4 floors. Basement will have private parking spaces and storage rooms.

The ground floor will have two smaller business premises, 14 covered parking places, outside parking and large fenced lawn. The first and the second floors will together comprise 22 bright apartments of different sizes, from studio apartments (approx. 27 m2) to 4-room apartment (approx. 129 m2).

All apartments will have either a terrace or a loggia and will be equipped with large panoramic windows with triple-glazing.
* Should you be interested in getting more information on the project, please contact us via email or phone +386 30 324 343. At the moment we are informing clients of the project and accepting reservations. Sale and purchase will be possible once the investor gets building permit and general requirements. It is planned that the construction and sale will begin in early 2018.
Your email will be used only for the purpose of occasionally informing you regarding the project in question and regarding the possibilities of purchasing other real estate for which we believe could be of interest for you.
Functional design of the object

* The investor reserves the right to change the functional design of the object

The design of the volume is based on the idea of an open, visual streaming space that will allow the existing objects at the terrain level to not lose a macro landscape view towards the north - towards the Ljubljana marshes.

The object is therefore a composite volume that is lifted from the ground and displaced. It stands on a dual core, of which the main part that completes the internal courtyard is intended for the common use and the second part which is withdrawn from the courtyard is intended for the communication core connecting the basement floor with the upper floors.

Communication core
The core consists of two parts. The main part of the building represents the main communication areas – smaller personal lift and staircase, which provides optimum fire safety and the possibility of rapid evacuation in case of a fire. At the centre, there is a room for a manager with a central station, which allows control of the movements in the house.
Common areas
Residential common areas on the ground floor are intended for the storage of bicycles and trolleys, but it is possible to design also a multipurpose clubhouse, intended for socializing and administrative matters of the residential community.
Installation areas
Installation areas are provided in the basement as well as for a convenient warehouse with the appropriate equipment for the maintenance facility and the service area. The installation verticals will take place along the communication core and then underneath the suspended ceiling.
The roof is indispensable and green. The green part of the roof can be extensively glazed (minimal maintenance), but it can also be arranged with intensive greening.
Depending on the soil, the foundation plate is provided on a gravel tampon or a pilot, depending on the geomechanical field research, since the plot is located at the far edge of the hill above the Ljubljana marshes.
The planned windows and doors are standard designs, in accordance to regulations and architectural design of facades. They will be wooden on the inside and ALU on the outside.
The shading of the windows and loggias will be carried out with folding panels (smaller window surfaces) or with venetian blinds (large glass surfaces and loggias).
Central gas heating is planned, which will also provide the necessary sanitary hot water. Each apartment will have an independent reading of consumption and heat substation for direct heating with mixing circuit and flow preparation of sanitary hot water. Each substation will also have a heat meter and a cold water countdown water meter, with remote control reading.

With this heating system we get fewer pipes to every apartment (only hoses and cold ones water), no heat and circulation losses on sanitary hot water to apartments, we need only Countdown water meter only for cold water. Due to the flow preparation of the STV, there is no overheating of the system because of the legionella, which is energetically wasteful.
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