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Majske Poljane - the most modern complex in Nova Gorica

26. marec. 2020
We inform all active searchers or potential buyers of new modern apartments that the booking of state-of-the-art designed apartments located in the center of Nova Gorica - on Prvomajska Street has begun. The position offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and quick access to the highway, which can be crucial when looking for a new home.
Majske Poljane complex covers a variety of housing sizes with outdoor space, storage and parking. The facilities are modern and modern designed with functionally arranged apartments that residents can access with elevators. The highest level of stay is provided.

For floor plans, prices and additional information, please contact us at or phone number +386 41 652 141.


The Tisa and Pini will grow in Majske Poljane complex next to existing Cedra

The apartment complex Majske Poljane is located in the immediate vicinity of Supernova, health center, primary school, kindergarten, faculty, post office, cultural center, stadium and the city center.

In the heart of Majske Poljane complex, the Tisa Tower is being built - building B (reservation of the apartment: or by phone call on 041 652 141), between the two neighboring - the sister towers - Pinija and Cedra. The pine will be built on the south side, Cedra stands on the north. All three towers have the same structural design and height; they differ only in appearance.


What does the Tisa facility offer you?

The Tisa building will contain:

  •     a garage in two cellars;
  •     ground floor and floor business program;
  •     flats from the 1st to the 11th floor (73 flats of different typologies and sizes - for more information and to book a flat write to or call us on 041 652 141);
  •     for larger apartments with two parking spaces;


Why is Tisa a welcome investment for you?

  •     Excellent architectural design of the building;
  •     retained but superbly designed minimalist façade;
  •     state-of-the-art design: two-part design: horizontal base and vertical with a prominent tower (for a better performance click on:;
  •     compact and monolithic form with shadow accent and contrast on facade;
  •     horizontal façade elements in the contour of the balconies are simultaneously used as a guardrail and blinds;
  •     the dark horizons in the background of the facade volume contain openings and recede deep - the definition of the contours of the lodges.

 You can have a fresh start in Nova Gorica in this moment

We have already informed a lot of potential customers and are already accepting reservations. There is a lot of interest, unfortunately the number of apartments is limited - 73 apartments. More than half of the apartments are already reserved, so don't delay.

The official sale and purchase of an apartment in the most modern neighborhood of Nova Gorica will be available at any time. If you would like to start again in Majske Poljane, please email us at or call us on 041 652 141 to get your own apartment and your dream apartment.


We are currently informing potential clients about the project and accepting reservations, official sales and purchases will be possible when the investor acquires the general terms of sale, ie when the legal conditions for concluding sales contracts within the meaning of Article 5 of the ZVKSES are fulfilled.
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