• Koseško Okno

    In the immediate vicinity of recreational area of Koseze Bayer and beautiful Rožnik park
  • 30-120 m2
  • studio- to 5-room apartment
  • 250 parking spaces
  • 94 apartments + 2 business premises
  • Ljubljana - Koseze


The start of construction is planned in Autumn this year and handovers in 2023 with a deadline 31st October 2023. To view more on the project:

The quality of the location will be reflected in the urban solution and the more demanding level of architectural design of the facilities. The conceptual design must ensure the implementation of an energy-efficient building, the separation of the planned programs, the widest possible spacing between the facilities, in the dwellings to enable future residents to open views of the surroundings and a high culture of living, while providing a commercial program with visibility and easy accessibility for all users.

The conceptual design is mainly determined by the conceptual solution of the Mercator shop. Three objects are planned, oriented approximately in the direction of terraced blocks, the first object on the west side will be predominantly residential, while the second and third objects will be connected by the two storey ground floor Mercator store, while the upper floors are intended for housing.

The first, mostly residential building, is divided into two parts with two separate entrances and staircases, which due to the smaller number of apartments per individual entrance ensures greater privacy of the residents. Access is from the newly provided footpaths. On the southern part of the building near Podutiška ulica there is a small business space on the ground floor. The second and third objects, which are interconnected by the Mercator store, have one residential staircase each. The second, medium-sized building with an entrance to the residential part from the courtyard side has a foreseen location on the ground floor on the west side, and on the south side there is a ramp to a separate garage store. The third building has an entrance to the residential part on the east side of Ulica Bratov Učakar street. On the green roof of the store are atriums of apartments.

The main entrance to the Mercator store is planned from Podutiška cesta in the central part of the location. Access to the buyers is also from the basement floor, where there will be parking places and access to the shop via escalators. The central trading part intended for trade on the north and east ends the warehouses and auxiliary premises. At the main entrance to the trade, a smaller catering establishment is planned.

Under the facilities there are two basement floors with parking lots for the needs of trade, housing and partly to cover the deficit of parking spaces for the surrounding inhabitants.


In the conceptual design, 94 apartments and 2 business premises are planned.

Namely 7 studio, 1 one-room apartment, 8 one-and-a-half rooms, 23 two-bedroom apartments, 34 three-room apartments, 20 four-room apartments and 1 five-room apartment. 

Business premises will enable different usages, one premis is on the ground floor of building A orientated towards Podutiška street and the other on the ground floor of building B. 

The estimated price will be 3.300 EUR / m2 with ddv.


The location of the building is attractive and interesting, because it lies in the immediate vicinity of the recreation area of the Koseze Bayer and the Rožnik park with a wide network of already existing infrastructure facilities and is quickly and easily accessible both to the city center and to the city ring road.

Given the attractive location, the target group of flats is potential buyers who represent a higher middle class in terms of status and finance. Its location close to recreational and commercial spaces, including other infrastructure facilities, is a decisive criterion for selection rather than the price. At the same time, they are looking for high quality and the adaptation and fulfillment of their requirements.
Part of the target customers are the owners of apartments in terraced blocks that want to stay at the same location, but they want to have new, high quality apartments, possibly bigger and having guaranteed parking places in the basement. Older tenants in terraced blocks also represent a part of the targeted buyers, since they want to stay in this location, but want the luxury of a lift and underground parking. Potential buyers, presumably of small apartments, are also buyers, who buy an apartment in the city represents an investment opportunity and buy a flat for the purpose of renting.

Three objects are planned, oriented approximately in the direction of terraced blocks, the first building A on the west side will be predominantly residential, while the second B and the third building C will connect each other on the two storey ground floor Mercator store, while the upper floors are intended for housing. Current Mercator store will be rebuilt with the entrance for customers from Podutiška cesta.

Traffic regime

It is planned to rearrange the traffic regime and change from one-way to two-way traffic along Bratov Učakar street to the entry into the garage of residents, which will need to be coordinated with the city professional service as well as the proposed shift of the control line to the edge of a narrower footpath on the west side.

Due to the request from OPN MOL, after the provision of 40 parking spaces for public use, 35 parking lots are foreseen in front of the store, and 5 parking lots on the north side at the substation.

OPN was adopted in 2010. The last change was made in 2018.

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