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    With the right approach, your real estate will become a real magnet for buyers. Let us introduce it in the best light and help you get the most for your property.


Not only when you are in a hurry or simply do not have time to deal with sales. Selling a property with a help from Stoja's realtor saves a lot of concerns by introducing your property to suitable buyers only. With an extensive database of customers who trust our high reputation in both the private sector and the business world and with diplomats, we will ensure that your property ends up in the right hands. With the Stoja selling approach, we will expose your property to the market and make sure you get the most out of it.


  • Best Deals
    We'll help you find the key selling benefits of your property and get the most out of it.
  • Serious Buyers
    A wide base of customers is known for their intent to buy. We will find serious buyers for your property.
  • Expertise
    We are with you every step of the way from the first viewing to the conclusion of the sales contract.
  • Efficiency
    With the support of our agents, sales will be much faster and more efficient than if you have to deal with it on your own.
  • Help
    Without worrying about red tape. We help you prepare and review all the documentation and provide legal support.
  • Personal Approach
    We tailor sales to you and your wishes.
  • Proactivity
    We monitor demands on the market closely and direct potential buyers to your property.
  • Accessibility
    Our realtors are always at your disposal for any questions, professional support and any dilemmas associated with the sale of the property.


In the vibrant real estate world, questions quickly arise. Many years of experience have provided Stoja's top management team with extensive knowledge in all trading areas, so our experts will be happy to assist you. Do you have a question about buying or selling a property? Email it to your agent or contact us via the form below. We will be happy to respond or seek appropriate professional support as will do everything in our power to ensure that the process goes smoothly.


According to the provisions of the Energy Act, from year 2013 you have to obtain an energy certificate when selling a property. This equips the building with an independent expert rating on energy efficiency that provides the buyer with insight and facilitates the purchase decision. Does your property not have an energy certificate yet? If you decide to sell a property with us, we will provide you with the fastest and cheapest way of obtaining an energy certificate.


The first major dilemma when selling a property is certainly to set a starting price, to be competitive and at the same time to maximize your profits. To find out the objective value of your property in the current market situation, we can evaluate it for free. Contact us and we will arrange an appointment.

*the advised value is merely an estimate of the market value and not an official valuation of the sworn valuer


Perhaps we already have a buyer for your property. Browse our database of customers and check what is currently being sought after.


Detached, twin house - We buy

Ljubljana / Ljubljana center



At Stoja Trade d.o.o. we value our customers' opinions and suggestions, because we believe that first-hand positive experiences and successful deals best describe the Stoja approach. In addition, any feedback we receive helps us improve our services. We asked some of our valued customers to briefly share their real estate market experience with us.

H. E. Mr. Mykhailo F. Brodovych


H. E. Mr. Mykhailo F. Brodovych, Ambassador about Stoja Real Estate Agency 

... About STOJA Real Estate Agency 

The Embassy of Ukraine has a pleasant experience of cooperation with Stoja Real Estate Agency. 

Professional approach, helpful and kind personnel, careful consideration of individual requirements – that’s the main what I can “put in the nutshell” about Stoja. 

I like myself and appreciate such an approach, which is the most important motivator for the future cooperation, as for me. 


Definitely I’ll recommend Stoja to my fellow-diplomats. Together everyone achieves more!” 

Mr. Eden and Mr. Montag


Ralf Eden & Frank Montag about Stoja Real Estate Agency 

... About STOJA Real Estate Agency 

“Dear Stoja Team, 

For us it was the right decision to choose Stoja as our real estate agent. 

From the very beginning the Stoja team was highly professional, enthusiastic and dedicated to rendering nothing else than a perfect service. During our house hunting we met several agents, each and every one extremely friendly and attentive. The houses and the apartments that they presented were all well maintained and mostly ready to move in. 

Thanks to our agent Sanja Đukić we found our dream home in Ljubljana in no time. But it did not stop there; even the after-rent-support by Sanja and her colleagues was outstanding and better than we experienced at any of our previous postings. Well done Stoja!” 

Ralf Eden & Frank Montag, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Mr. Andrew Kramer


Mr. Andrew Kramer about Stoja Real Estate Agency 

... About STOJA Real Estate Agency 


“Stoja was professional and provided excellent service from start to finish. To start our search for an apartment they asked us questions to ensure they would find only those properties that suited us. 

They quickly arranged a series of showings over a few days, which was very efficient and quickly led to us selecting one. The real estate agents are knowledgeable and very attentive. Our agent was also very helpful in arranging safety and security upgrades I requested. 

I would recommend Stoja to all business and diplomatic clients looking for long-term accommodation in Slovenia. “ 


Mr. Andrew Kramer, Embassy of the United States

H.E. Mr. Paul Jansen


H.E. Mr. Paul Jansen, Ambassador of the Republic of the Kingdom of Belgium About Diplomatic Corporate Services and Stoja Real Estate Agency 
 ... About STOJA Real Estate Agency 
"I defenitely would recommend STOJA! It was a very pleasant experience to work with Stoja agency. The service was very efficient and professional.ˇ 
 ... About DCS 
"DCS is a very positive initiative. We think that the DCS portal is very user-friendly. We did not have time to use the Gift Voucher yet." 
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